Milling inserts

BFT Burzoni soluzioni - Milling inserts
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Innovative carbide grades CCT35 and CCD40
BFT Burzoni soluzioni - Milling inserts


  • CCT35 is the new quality for stainless steels and heat-resistant stainless steels such as duplexes and super duplexes. Thanks to the innovative substrate that can withstand the heat that is generated during the cutting action and the low coefficient of thermal conductivity, it is possible to mill with cutting speeds that vary depending on the working conditions, from 100 m/min up to 250m/min. Processing to be performed strictly dry.
BFT Burzoni soluzioni - Milling inserts


  • CCD40 is the innovative quality for milling titanium, titanium alloys and heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA), such as inconel, hastelloy, starlet, haynes. The extreme hardness of this grades of hard metal, HV 4500, and its toughness reduces its wear for abrasion. The milling of these materials should be strictly performed with solvent to avoid the phenomenon of carry over of the cutting edge, with emulsion at 10-12%. Cutting speed ranges from 40m/min to 70m/min.