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Modular toolholder ISO26623-1 for internal and external machining, toolholders for external turning, toolholders for internal turning (boring bars), interchangeable cartridges for externa... leggi tutto
Lathe tooling

Carbide coating inserts for: turning (Black Panther and Gold Panther), threading and grooving, seeger.

Turning inserts, Threading inserts, Turning inserts for parting off and Grooving
Steel milling cutters for mechanically fastened inserts: face milling cutters, shoulder milling cutters, helical end mills, modular milling cutters with cartridges, general purpose milling cu... leggi tutto
Milling cutters with inserts

Carbide coated inserts for milling processes: face milling cutters, shoulder cutters, copying, groove and cutting, threading.

Milling inserts

A wide range of 2, 3, 4 flutes, for roughing and for finishing, milling cutters, counterborers for socket head, corner-rounding cutter end mill.

HSS-E end Mills
Frese extreme performance RUNNER, frese extreme performance TROKO per lavorazioni trocoidali, frese extreme performance 4PDS-5PDS per acciaio inox e leghe resistenti al calore, frese extr... leggi tutto
Frese in MDI Extreme Performance
Serie completa di frese 2, 3, 4 taglienti per sgrossatura e finitura di ogni genere. RUNNER extreme performance mill, TROKO extreme performance mill for trochoidal applications, ALU extr... leggi tutto
Solid carbide end mills
Toroidal end mill with cylindrical shank, toroidal micro end mill, toroidal end mill with reinforced shank and reduced conical neck, ball nose end mill with cylindrical shank and reduced neck, tor... leggi tutto
BFT-MOULD micrograin carbide end mills

Solid carbide coated mill for drilling, threading and chamfering for materials above 50HrC, mini solid carbide coated mill for threading, drilling and chamfering.

Solid carbide threading mills
Coated cylindrical shank drills regulation DIN 1897, DIN 338, DIN 340, DIN 345, drills for 60° spot-drilling, regulation DIN 333, drills for 90° and 120° spot-drilling DIN 1897, HSS c... leggi tutto
HSS & HSS-E Drills
Wide range of micrograin carbide drills with or without coolant holes 3xD, 5xD, 8xD, 10xD, 12xD, 16xD, 20xD, 25xD, 30xD, 40xD, 50xD, for all kind of materials: steel, hard steels, cast ir... leggi tutto
Micrograin carbide drills

Indexable drills B-Drill 3xD, 4xD, 5xD; spade exchangeable tip drills CU-Drill 3xD, 5xD, 8xD; 0038 line; modular indexable drills.

Inserts drills

Micrograin carbide reamer, expansible reamer with 4-6 teeth with coolant holes, expansible reamer head with 4-6 teeth with coolant holes and expansible reamer head holder.

Machine taps for trough holes, machine taps with 15° and 40° helix for blind holes, machine rolling taps and for synchronized threading; taps for aluminium and aluminium bronze, for titanium a... leggi tutto
Taps & Round Dies
Modular basic holders, milling cutters holder adapters, modular extension adapters, modular reduction adapters ISO 26623. Toolholders for internal and external machining ISO 26623-1.... leggi tutto
Modular System
Shrink fit chucks, high clamping chucks, collet chucks, end mill holders for drills, milling cutter holders, increased milling cutter holder, screw-in heads. Complete range of chucks a... leggi tutto